Our Activities

Festive Celebrations
· New Year celebrations for different Asian countries
· Various historical festivals such as the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Japanese July 7th, Indian's Diwani etc.

Asian American Cultural Center will organize cultural and educational classes on regular basis for members of all ages. These will include (but not limited to):
· Asian Languages - for basic daily usage
· Dances - Chinese, Korean, Indian and Hawaiian
· Arts & Craft - Brush painting, Calligraphy and Origami
· Flower Arrangement - Japanese Ikebana and Western styles
· Cooking - popular dishes from India, Nepal, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Northern & Southern China
· Sports & Exercise - Karate, Kendo (Japanese fencing), Chinese Martial Art, Lion Dance, Tai Chi and Chi Kung
· Others - Art of Tea Drinking, Japanese Taiko Drums, Chinese Musical Instruments, Wine Tasting etc.

Child Development Program-Offer to families with children under school age:
· Full Week's Whole Day or Half Day Programs
· Mother's Day Off Program

Gatherings for members
· Weekly Karaoke, singing songs of different languages
· Competitions such as Table Tennis, Darts, Basketball, Contract Bridge, Majong,
Video Games etc.
· Monthly tea party and classic movies for senior citizens

Regular talks/presentations by professionals:
· Health care
· Chinese herbs
· Prepare oneself to be an Asian American
· Child and aged psychology
· First Aids and Home Nursing
· Insurance needs
· Home and Garden Decoration
· Business opportunities in Asia and America
· Employment opportunities in Asia and America


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